Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Red Beauty @ Dubai Mall

The Red Beauty - Lamborghini at the Dubai Mall for promotions! #GimmeRed

Molten Chocolate @ Chilis

When in Chilis, you can't afford to leave without having their Molten Chocolate Shake! It's a reall slurrrpp! 

Also, if you still have any space left after their huge meals, then do indulge yourselves in their Molten Chocolate Brownies! They are to die for.....

Ginger Tea @ PappaRoti

An international chain of coffee shops renowned for its signature Buns! 

Opened in Dubai Mall - their Ginger Tea is  to long for, for those who like their tea - stronggg! 

YogurtLand @ Dubai Mall

An international franchise offering self-serve frozen yogurt! Available in various flavors - 16 to be precise! 

Customers may mix and combine flavors in their cups along with additional 33 toppings! 

Really delightful! 

Gulfood 2014 @ DWTC

'Tis the kind of crowd you would expect @ Gulfood Exhibition. Biggest food exhibition on planet! Large number of crowd coming in... 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Topsy Turvy Highway, but an Exciting Journey!

A road less travelled!
An exciting & interesting journey of d Highway! Wanted to travel a lil more on such a topsy turvy ride!
Imtiaz Ali does it again and brings his vision on screen - full of life. A job well done - Alia Bhat, Randeep Hooda, Imtiaz Ali and the whole Highway team. Kudos!

A Foggy Saturday!

& we have some #fog to start our day; 17C in Dubai! Don't often see that in Feb here!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Playing Card Coasters!

Really amazing looking coasters at Marina Home Interiors, Dubai Mall.

The Bed-Side Story!

Need I say more?!?

Big Biceps 💪💪

There are things which are more importanter than education😜💪

Punjabi Diet Plan!

This is actually what Punjabi's do!!!

The Shopping Business!

How Many Of Us Face This Situation?! 

Just Do It!

Does Tomorrow Really Come?!! 

Silence & Smile

They Do Work! 

The Omnipresent!

Thought Provoking!